Buying foreign currency

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Now that you’ve already picked your trip’s destination, defined the dates and the time you will be abroad, it’s time to buy the currency that you’re going to use in another country.
Stay calm, we’ll explain everything so that there aren’t any doubts left. After all, buying the currency is a very important step and you want complete tranquility to enjoy your trip, right?

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Cash Currency

China, Australia, Mexico and a number of other places are waiting for you. Whatever the destination chosen, at Confidence, you can find the right currency and the best conditions for purchase.

Besides the American dollar, the euro and the British pound, you have at your disposal more than 20 types of cash foreign currency that you can acquire however you find best: through the app, online store, the trading desk or the 100 Confidence stores throughout Brazil.
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Prepaid card

A safe alternative to complement the total volume of the currency that you will take in your trip is the Multi Currency Cash Passport. An international prepaid card that will be your ally in case anything happens during your journey, like the loss or theft of your money.

Besides that, with the Multi Currency Cash Passport card, you have much more control and you know exactly how much you’re going to pay, since there isn’t a rate fluctuation, differently from a credit card. And the best part: there isn’t an annual fee or interest charge.

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