We know that investing in the development of business is something that should be done strategically to reach the objectives and growth of your company.

Our specialist are able to help you on whatever is necessary so that you can, besides knowing the best and most modern exchange options, make the best deal aligned with the needs and the size of your businesses.

At Confidence Câmbio, you can find the ideal solution for expanding, modernizing or managing the international operations of your business.


  • Specialists in exchange who will provide consulting that is exclusive and designed specifically to serve the needs of your company and who will help you along the entire process to guarantee an efficient, speedy and secure operation, start to finish.
  • Flexibility throughout the entire process for the delivery of the best deal.
  • Complete focus on our exchange options, which guarantees agility for your businesses.
  • Competitive rates
  • Internet Banking: a system that guarantees modernity, autonomy and agility so that you can see the history of your exchange operations and sign your contract digitally.
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Bank Collection

It’s a service for sending documents for the shipment of the merchandise to be acquired which is in the process of charging the bank responsible for the importation of this item.
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After the demands of the necessary documents for the clearance of your credit card are met, Confidence will notify your company about the availability of this document so that your exportation process can be concluded.


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Closing of the Exchange rate for Importation and Exportation

To import merchandise and expand your sales abroad, the conversion of currency is essential. Because of that, being able to count on an exchange specialist makes all the difference.

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