Internet Banking

A bank that is an expert in currency exchange couldn’t forget to offer this convenience: Confidence Bank makes online access available to ease your currency transactions. Our commitment is to garanteeing speed so that you can carry out the best currency operations.

Much more agility and security, garanteeing the best operations for you and your business.



  • Consulting your balance in all accounts (Dollars and Foreign Currency);
  • Putting in and approving payment orders for more speed and autonomy in payment processing;
  • Visualizing SWIFT codes, contracts and documents for the operation of each payment;
  • Following the status of each payment (if it’s already liquidated, if the SWIFT code is available, if there were any errors due to lack of information, etc);
  • Digital signing of currency exchange contract (avoiding printing, lateness in the sending and receiving of documents, loss of documents, delay in the processing due to volume, etc.)