Confidence Remittances and International Payments

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With Confidence Remittances and International Payments you can send money abroad as well as receive and transfer amounts in foreign currency from a bank account to another account abroad, whether physical or legal person.

• International Residents Allowance
• Asset Transfer
• Exchange Program Payment
• Resource Availability in another country
• Real Estate Payment

Ideal for:

How it works:

1. Upon request on our Online Store or Mobile APP, the International Remittance is subjected to information analysis and approval by Confidence Câmbio (Confidence Exchange).

2. The operation takes up to two days to reach the destination, after which you are given a proof of remittance document called SWIFT.

3. This document contains all the necessary information for the beneficiary abroad to withdraw their money.

4. Inform the proof of remittance (SWIFT) data to the person or company to whom are sending money, so they can locate the amount at hand.

Remittances can be sent in the following currencies:

U.S. Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Australian Dollar
Pound Sterling
New Zealand Dollar
Swiss Franc

For other countries, remittances are made in U.S. Dollars or Euros.



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