Corporate Cash Passport Card and Cash Currency

With the most complete set of options in currency exchange dedicated to companies, Confidence Câmbio couldn’t leave off its products for corporate trips.

The Corporate Cash Passport Confidence Card offers two types of card for managing amounts, as well as every cash currency.

Card with chip technology and password, for maximum security;
Rechargeable with Dollars and Euros;
Accepted in more than 200 million establishments.

Types of card:
Individual: the amounts are managed by the employee;
Financial: amount management is done by the financial department, through the Corporate Control system.

Besides, here, you can find, besides the American dollar, the euro or the British pound, more than 20 kinds of foreign currency.

Count on that ease that only specialists can deliver to speed up your international businesses even more.

For more information contact our Corporate Desk:
3004 0490 · (Capitals and Urban Regions)

0800 770 5188 · (Everywhere else)


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