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With the money transfer service MoneyGram you can send and receive money abroad in just 10 minutes. You can send your Money to over 190 countries in a fast and 100% safe way, and you don’t even need a bank account.


Remittances can be sent to vast array of currencies in over 190 countries. Transactions are always made in U.S. Dollars and received in local currency.

MoneyGram – fast money with no bank account needed.

See how it works:

To send
1) check out your nearest Confidence store where MoneyGram service is available;
2) at the store, present a photo ID and input the recipient data and amount;
3) you’ll be given the operation reference number and a receipt to sign;
4) inform the recipient of the amount and reference number.

To receive
1) the sender will tell you the amount and reference number;
2) at a Confidence store, tell the clerk of your reference number and present a photo ID¹;
3) the clerk will verify if the money is already available for withdrawal;
4) you can withdraw your money right away at a Confidence store.

¹Presenting personal identification is mandatory – Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security number or RNE (Valid National Registry of Foreigners).



Now avaiable at Sales Desk.
More convenience and ease for your day-to-day.

4004 5700 / 0800 400 0800

About MoneyGram


MoneyGram is a global company, a leader in money transfers between countries. Its service is regarded as one of the most advanced and secure in the world, with which oyu can send money fast and easily to over 190 countries.

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