RDE-ROF Registration

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The Electronic Declaratory Registration – Financial Operations Registration (RDE-ROF) is a mandatory registry administered by the Brazilian Central Bank, through Law 4,131 of 09/03/1962, and Circular Letter 3,689 of 12/16/2013 for international operations.

• Commercial lease, simple lease, equipment rental, chartering of vessels, with a due date for payment of 360 days or more;
• Acquisition of intangible assets with a due date for payment of 360 days or more;
• Foreign loan;
• Imports financing, with a due date for payment of 360 days or more;
• Early arrival of exports with shipping longer than 360 days;
• Technology financing;
• Franchise;
• Operating license or assignment of patent;
• License of use or brand transfer;
• Technical assistance service; and
• Other types of Royalties, services and/or expenses to be endorsed by the INPI.

RDE-ROF is mandatory for the following international operations:

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This registration must be performed before the foreign exchange operation, which is why Confidence Exchange is able to provide this service by analyzing the documents and the registration in the Brazilian Central Bank, allowing your company to be concerned about the business only.

In some cases, before registering in the RDE-ROF, it’s necessary to be registered in the Brazilian Central Bank through Cademp (Register of Companies). National or foreign companies that are willing to perform an international transaction must be registered. Confidence Exchange also provides this service to streamline your business.

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