Corporate Travel

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Corporate trips are a common actvity in a company’s everyday life.

Every time these trips include international destinations, count on our specialists in money exchange and on our services for companies. These services are specially developed to serve the profile of your businesses and the style of these trips.

The Confidence Exchange options offer a series of exclusive benefits for your company, always with total security and convenience.

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Corporate Cash Passport Card

Prepaid international card, aimed at employees of companies that need to go abroad for business.

Besides the security and convenience that a prepaid travel card offers, your company can also count on the benefits of the Corporate Control System, which consists of the managing and controlling of the amounts and expenses put on the card through a modern and completely dynamic online platform which makes the daily routine and activities of the company’s financial department easier.
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Currency in Cash

Whatever the destination of your business trip, count on Confidence’s currency availability. Here, you can find, besides the American dollar, the euro or the British pound, more than 20 kinds of foreign currency. Count on this ease that only specialists can deliver to speed up your international businesses even more.


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