RDE-IED Registration

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The Electronic Declaratory Registration – Direct Foreign Investment (RDE-IED) is a mandatory registry established by the Brazilian Central Bank, through Circular 2.997 of 08/15/2000, for every company that has foreign capital as part of their equity capital.

• • Initial investment
• • Updating of Shareholders’ Equity
• • Capital increase and/or decrease
• • Payment of Dividends
• • Payment of Interest on Net Equity
• • Purchase and/or sale of Shareholdings in the Company
• • Dissolution, Liquidation or Return of Capital Abroad

Registration is mandatory for:

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Registration must be performed before a foreign exchange operation, which is why Confidence Exchange is able to provide this service by analyzing documents and the registry in the Brazilian Central Bank, allowing your company to worry only about its business.
This means convenience and simplicity for your business, since Confidence Exchange fully handles the paperwork analysis and the registration with the Central Bank.
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